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cobh hotel offers...business tour or just a planned break, We offer accommodation packages bundled with variety of activities for all ages. Golf Breaks in Cork, Fishing in Cobh, Titanic Trail, Ghost Walking etc. We have all ... [click for offers]

cobh guest housePhoto Gallery
cobh holiday home...planned everything, all packed and ready to go but do you know where you are going...? Come and take a sneak peak at our photo gallery to take a virtual tour of The Queens Town, Cobh and the areas around it... [read more]

cobh holidaysHistory of Cobh
cork harbor...From 1848 - 1950 over 6 million adults and children emigrated from Ireland - over 2.5 million departed from Cobh. The genealogical record finder on the offical website of Cobh Hertiage Center has been designed for ... [read more]

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